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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Cutacious, yet a Little Gross, but Maybe Delicious (?) Story

I recently lost my grandfather at the age of 84. He was a pretty cool guy, lived a long life and was positive until the very end. Of course after a loss, the family gets together and stories come out that you’ve never heard. My grandfather was from St. Vincent and at his heart, a pretty country dude but with a city swagger that was undeniable.

Check him out!

Anyway, I was talking to one my aunts about something he said to me once.
He had an old classic silver Lincoln Continental that he didn’t really drive at the time.

It just sat in the driveway with his personalized plates on it, RAF 35, his initials and the age he was when he got the car. It was a pretty long driveway but when you got to the back of the house where the car port was, there was only about a 4 foot wide clearance in order to get into the backyard itself.

As I came into the backyard with my little blue bike with the banana seat he looked up at me, shot me a look and said, “You scratch my car with your bike and we’ll be fighting like 2 mad dogs”, and then just went back to reading his paper in his lawn chair, just as cool as could be.

Anyway as my aunt laughed and said that that sounded like something my grandfather would say she went into a story that has happened after Easter when she was young.

Back in the day at Easter time (I guess), and probably somewhere in the country, (my grandparents lived in Hollis Queens at the time) people gave their children chicks or bunnies as gifts at Easter.

I assume with the chicks they didn’t think this plan all the way through, because according to my aunt with in about 4 or more months the chicks were full grown and the Rooster was crowing in the morning.

She says she came home from school one day, being the first of the 3 sisters to get there, and she went to the back to check on the chickens and they weren’t there, but there were feathers flying all over the driveway.

When she asked him where they were he said that the man from the came to pick them up and then later that night they had some little chickens for dinner…

R.I.P. R.A.F.


  1. WOW! What a great way to honor your grandfather. You story reminds me of my great grandmother..she died of ovarian cancer when I was in college. She had a farm with all kinds of animals..chickens and roosters, guinnea, turkeys, hogs, pigs, cows, ducks, cows, cats, dogs, even lizards..and maybe snakes here and there amongst other anyway..when i use to go to her house during the summers I would run the chickens, did not bother the turkeys or the roosters because they were mean and would try to peck you and the turkey (Tom) he was territorial and would chase you- he chased me to the back porch of the house..LOL..Anywho so I was about 6 or 7 and I was running the chickens back to the coop per my grandmother's directions, then she with hands by her side snatches up 2 chickens by the neck and twirls them like batons..I didnt know what to think..When dinner time arrived and chicken was the main course I said NO..NO..NO..I Just Chased That Chicken This Morning...I would not eat anything I knew was fresh out the yard...I just couldnt do it..I couldnt do it for awhile..

  2. Girl something similar haooened when i stayed in Ecuador with my grandfather when I was lik 8...too funny!