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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Musical Affirmations

Many moons ago I worked at a law firm in midtown NY and while there I met some great people. One of which is a man named Kevin Brightman. Kevin has always been one of the most driven people I know. In addition to his day job he often played the piano at various churches on Sundays and was always taking classes to perfect his art of music (and still does to this day). In addition to playing the piano he plays the organ, guitar and writes music.

After many years of focus, Kevin has put his efforts into his debut album;
“All Is Well” and with fellow musician Derek Gibbs, their group Forever Forward, has created a wonderful mix of gospel, jazz and R&B that will leave you feeling nothing but positive energy.

Their CD is currently available at
and will also be available at in the coming week.

You can hear snippets of each song at ,
and can find out more about Kevin and his music at these sights:

I’ve learned many things from Kevin over the years. One of the many is to
do daily affirmations, one of which inspired the title of his album.

All is well.
Everything is working out for my highest good.
Out of this situation only good does come.

Enjoy the day and support independent music!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ultra Sexy Henna Tattoos

Once again I'm out on a stroll in the hood and I roll into the neighborhood Rasta store,
As Above, So Below (that's on Fulton St. almost @ the corner of Frankin Ave. in Brooklyn). I was just scanning their new jewelry; they stay with some banging hand made pieces. I didn't see anything I liked but I did see a woman standing at the counter doing her own Henna on her hand.

It looks so good I had to ask about it and come to find out she will be working at
Cure Beauty Bar @ 921 Fulton St. in Brooklyn, NY starting Sunday, June 28th. or

Her name is Maatira and as I watched her I kept thinking, if she's this good on her own hand, how banging must she be on someone elses body. She explained to me that she makes her own dye using all natural products; using tea leaves, veggies and the like.

The longer you leave the henna on your skin and allow it to soak in the longer it will last. I believe she said if you leave it for 2-3 hours it will last 2-4 days and if you leave it on 4+ hours it will last up to a week or more.
Again the sisters name is Maatira and she can be reached directly @ or at, just in case you can't get over to Cure and have her Henna you up!

I found a Tre Cutacious Boutique...and they're having a SAMPLE SALE...WHOO HOO!

So on one of my many strolls around my hood I passed a super cute little store called
NJV a.k.a Not Just Vintage.

Most of the clothing in the store is vintage but she does have some really cute stuff by a few designers, one being Alicia P. who makes some great jewelry from leather and hand paints on canvas and t-shirts (got one of those too).

Brooklyn All Day Baby! More Alicia P. Designs...

The first time I was there I got some really cute accessories and the tank...on my last visit I got the cutest turquoise belt, super vintage looking. Not quite sure how to rock it yet but I'm sure I'll come up with something. I just happened to pick up some great pumps from Aldo and I realized that they are also the exact same tint of turquoise...WHOO HOO!

Anyway, the best part of all this is that they are crazy reasonably priced. My belt was only $15 and I think the hand painted tank was like $20 or $25...can't beat that with a bat!
And to top it all off they are having a SAMPLE SALE on Saturday, JUNE 27th...

Happy shopping and may all your purchases be TRE CUTACIOUS!