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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moooortal Coooooombat!

Sometimes I love that fact that I'm living in this era...
and then at others I hate it....

This go round...I love it

And just in case you care as to why all this really popped off...

Wanna hear it, here it go...

Ok, I'm not mad but the contradictions in this video give me the giggles.

Was he really knocked out for "22 and a half minutes"?

"His mother died 2 days later"? Really? Then why were you talking about getting Stacey Adams for the funeral on the day of the fight?

Go head Gramps...ride that YOUTUBE fame wave.

Get that free Dunkin Donuts coffee!

Thanks Lamont for passing this along!

Call the Amba-lamps!

Now see, his drunk ass deserves just what got for this one.
The white dude was trying to squash it and walked off.

But noooooo, Bro just had to keep talking and got popped.
Hence the phrase, "Punks jump up to get beat down".

I just hope the older dude didn't get arrested and that this 'ignant'
fool sobers up and realizes he needs to take his lumps and keep stepping.

Yeah I said 'ignant', if he can say 'amaba-lamps' I can say 'ignant', OK!

He got nerve talking about he's gonna come back and kill him when he started it. Maybe he downed an Incredible Hulk or some Cold Duck before he hopped on the bus and that had him thinking he could kick Santa's ass.

Who knew Old Saint Nick knew how to lay the smack down???

Nothing but a Beat Down!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Usher @ All-Star Game & Papa Knowles

Usher looks like he raided Rihanna's closet
(I wonder if it's the same one he's hiding in)
for his outfit at the All-Star game this past weekend...

Leather capri pants, fingerless long gloves and a corseted breast plate...
All he's missing are some bold accessories and a pair of sky high heels...I can't!

I guess now that he's free from Manika he's letting loose...

And he lip synced the hell out of his new track "More" cause he sure as
hell sounded like poo poo on a stick singing "YEAH!"

Papa Knowles' side piece delivered the baby recently and while it looks like the kid has his lips I'll be waiting to see if he get the signature Solange/Kelly Rowland nose as he grows up!

I'm saying...

I never noticed how similar their mouths were before but hmmmmm.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jermaine's Tribute to Janet

I am really upset that I had to see this and since misery loves company,
here you go...

I hear they may be rekindling their relationship...