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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Float On...

Today's Way Back Wednesday joint was released in 1996 by Bad Boy.

A 'remix" of the Isley Brother's song "Floatin' on Your Love" featuring Ron Isley and Angela Winbush is The Float on Bad Boy Remix of the same title also featuring Ron Isley and Angela Winbush as well as Lil' Kim and 112.

So did you peep all the other 'stars" in the video?

I know you saw Jermaine Dupri in there looking like a lost hobbit?
Uncle Luke was there looking just as pervy as ever...
Of course the Isley Brothers up on stage supporting Ron aka Mr. Biggs and his finger waved conk...I love how even when this video came out in the 90's he was about 30 years behind the times with that 100% lye perm.

And don't you just love the over acting in the video. I love how older videos actually have a lil' story going on, but dag Kim, why'd you have to come out the cake like you had a "Gun Inna Baggie"?

Oh Snap, I used to love this song...

No wonder my Mom's stayed jacking my music...Just raunchy!

And while I was cleaning recently I came across this joint...

I'm sure I listened to these songs as well as nasty a$$ R. Kelly's, 12 Play (who knew he was talking to me when I was 14), Public Announcement (thanks Maria, who bought me a copy after my Moms took my 1st one), Salt & Pepa and of course some Slick Rick.

My girl told me she saw a dude trying to get one of these to work on the train recently. I knew they were built well but 15 years worth of play time might be a stretch...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Guess, I Guess?

OK, what do you think was going on in the back seat of this cab?

Ok let's write the story together...

I think the dude on the right hand side of the screen picked up the other dude and thought he was a prostitute. So they are talking and he casually says...

"So how much for the night Lil' Man." (tap on the hat)

The other guy got offended...

"I'm not some whore...I liked you." (Pop, Smack, Zing, Bam!)

OK now you go...

I'd love to know why the cabby didn't stop though?

Houston Teacher Beats Student Up...

OK, maybe the little boy was bad as all hell, but there is no way I really just saw her go into crab wrestling stance before she started wailing on that a$$???

And what year is it again? His momma looks like she's been watching Salt and Pepa videos.

Now their ghetto asses are going to win some money from the state and go buy fronts for grandma and whole damn family and start showing out for real...Beware!

It's Shecky's Girls Night Out Time Again...

Starting Tuesday, June 15th through Friday, June 18th,
Shecky's Girls Nigh
t out will be back in New York.

Pop on over to the Shecky's site for more info and ticket sales.

They've got a new bigger location with more vendors and new sponsors so the goodies bag are guaranteed to be worth the $20-35 (depending on the day) ticket price.

Who: You
When: Tue.-Fri., June 15th-18th, 2010
from 5pm-10pm
Where: 82 Mercer St. *New Venue!*
(Spring & Broome Sts.)

This new venue is dangerously close (right across the street) to great bar
called Bar 89 @ 89 Mercer Street.

I threw my b'day party up those steps in the back a few years ago.

So after Shecky's has plied you full of free drinks you can roll across the street for an order of their great buffalo wing platter and use their super sexy unisex bathroom.

The door fades to a smokey purple and reads OCCUPIED once you've entered and pulled the lever. Naughty!

Do They Really Now?

Farmer's Need Love Too...

Wow, I can't even believe this is real...

I'm sure some of the farm animals are really happy about this...Now Ol' Joe Jack will leave them poor goats along now that he met Tammy Lee.

Go find your farmer over at

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lena Horne Passes at 92

R.I.P. Lena Horne

Lena Horne is in one of my favorite movies, Cabin in the Sky (1943).

Check it out if you have time. Great film.

Lena Horne was born in Bed Stuy Brooklyn on June 30, 1917 and passed yesterday, May 9, 2010. She attended what is now Boy and Girls High School (Formerly Girls High School on Fulton street, Brooklyn but dropped out before graduating.

She started performing in New York's Cotton Club at 16 years of age. As well as being a serious triple threat (singer, dancer and actress) she had strong political views and was black listed in 1947.

Here's a great time line of her life.

Here's a clip from when she was on another of my favorite TV shows, A Different World. She enters at 1:33.

Here is the rest of the clip.

I love her line towards the end...

The best thing about living is being able to keep on doing it!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Y'all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind...

The warm weather is just starting to arrive in NY and insanity has officially started...

Somebody needed to throw a net over this heifer and drag her back to her house.

What's that, 3 - 4 inches of ass crack? She ain't got a friend in a world!

Why all the tags sticking all out...You don't have scissors in your house?

And this BS...I can't even believe this needs to be stated, but can your shoes PLEASE fit your feet?

If your toes touch concrete they need to be given away!

Here are a few summer tips for the ladies out there.

1. Please cut the tags out of anything, sheer, backless and just about anything where the tags may pop out from time to time. This includes your undies.

2. Moisturize your feet before going to bed. It will give the product more time to absorb into your skin and prevent cracked heels and over greasing in the morning so you wont slip and slide in your shoes in the am. Mixing a good foot cream with Vaseline at night is my trick...been supple all winter.

3. Please buy shoes that are your ACTUAL SIZE. It prevents corns and bunions and just makes plain sense. You don't want get to this point, do you?

4. Invest in a pair of Gel Toe Separators and wear them for about 30 minutes a day. They will spread your toes out after being crammed into pointy or just not so comfy shoes all day.
I love mine. They can be found in any decent drug or beauty supply store and run for less than $10 bucks. They are made by the same people as the Ped Egg, which you might as well pick up while you're in there. Just don't scrub too hard with it or could do some damage.

5. On what planet is muffin top sexy? If you have to continuously tug on your shirt or pull your jeans up, just wear a belt and and buy a bigger shirt. Or dare I say it, stay the f**k outta Mickey D's...

I Knew It!

Solange recently hinted at the fact that Kelly Rowland
coming into their family at 5 years old was sort of an adoption situation...

Check it

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Get Your Bengalian Hair Weave Here!!!

So the other day I bump into a friend on my way to my girls house and as I am talking to him, I peek over his shoulder and I see a sign that catches my attention...

I'm thinking to myself, "HUH, Russian? I know they don't mean weave hair".

So I look a little closer and I see...

OK, now come on Sisters? Is it really this serious...We just want any hair but our hair...

And then it got worse!!!!

Do you see that rainbow array of weave hair in the back and the skunk do on the chick in the flick below?

And that's the same chick in all the flicks...where the heck is HER weave from?

And the flick of the Russian style building? Really is that supposed to make me think you're on to something up in there...

I'm done!