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Monday, June 22, 2009

Ultra Sexy Henna Tattoos

Once again I'm out on a stroll in the hood and I roll into the neighborhood Rasta store,
As Above, So Below (that's on Fulton St. almost @ the corner of Frankin Ave. in Brooklyn). I was just scanning their new jewelry; they stay with some banging hand made pieces. I didn't see anything I liked but I did see a woman standing at the counter doing her own Henna on her hand.

It looks so good I had to ask about it and come to find out she will be working at
Cure Beauty Bar @ 921 Fulton St. in Brooklyn, NY starting Sunday, June 28th. or

Her name is Maatira and as I watched her I kept thinking, if she's this good on her own hand, how banging must she be on someone elses body. She explained to me that she makes her own dye using all natural products; using tea leaves, veggies and the like.

The longer you leave the henna on your skin and allow it to soak in the longer it will last. I believe she said if you leave it for 2-3 hours it will last 2-4 days and if you leave it on 4+ hours it will last up to a week or more.
Again the sisters name is Maatira and she can be reached directly @ or at, just in case you can't get over to Cure and have her Henna you up!

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