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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where's My Daddy?

I'd put $ on the fact that he ain't seen his Pop Pop in years...

Am I tripping or do y'all see Ru Paul's Drag Race in this little boys future too.

Peep the fever he flung with them eyes all while rocking his Momma's legging...
I guess she keeps the hair locked up. He probably swung too hard last time and sent her good lace front flying/frying onto the stove.

This is what happens when Rihanna performs Rude Boy at the Kid's Choice Awards
& Katy Perry of the I Kissed a Girl fame shows up squeezed into 2 feet of fabric and 3 lbs of glitter...

A huge THANK YOU to my girl COCKTAILS for sending me this vid...keep 'em coming DOLL FACE!

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