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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Get Your Bengalian Hair Weave Here!!!

So the other day I bump into a friend on my way to my girls house and as I am talking to him, I peek over his shoulder and I see a sign that catches my attention...

I'm thinking to myself, "HUH, Russian? I know they don't mean weave hair".

So I look a little closer and I see...

OK, now come on Sisters? Is it really this serious...We just want any hair but our hair...

And then it got worse!!!!

Do you see that rainbow array of weave hair in the back and the skunk do on the chick in the flick below?

And that's the same chick in all the flicks...where the heck is HER weave from?

And the flick of the Russian style building? Really is that supposed to make me think you're on to something up in there...

I'm done!

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