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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Float On...

Today's Way Back Wednesday joint was released in 1996 by Bad Boy.

A 'remix" of the Isley Brother's song "Floatin' on Your Love" featuring Ron Isley and Angela Winbush is The Float on Bad Boy Remix of the same title also featuring Ron Isley and Angela Winbush as well as Lil' Kim and 112.

So did you peep all the other 'stars" in the video?

I know you saw Jermaine Dupri in there looking like a lost hobbit?
Uncle Luke was there looking just as pervy as ever...
Of course the Isley Brothers up on stage supporting Ron aka Mr. Biggs and his finger waved conk...I love how even when this video came out in the 90's he was about 30 years behind the times with that 100% lye perm.

And don't you just love the over acting in the video. I love how older videos actually have a lil' story going on, but dag Kim, why'd you have to come out the cake like you had a "Gun Inna Baggie"?

Oh Snap, I used to love this song...

No wonder my Mom's stayed jacking my music...Just raunchy!

And while I was cleaning recently I came across this joint...

I'm sure I listened to these songs as well as nasty a$$ R. Kelly's, 12 Play (who knew he was talking to me when I was 14), Public Announcement (thanks Maria, who bought me a copy after my Moms took my 1st one), Salt & Pepa and of course some Slick Rick.

My girl told me she saw a dude trying to get one of these to work on the train recently. I knew they were built well but 15 years worth of play time might be a stretch...

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