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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too Tight to Fight...

Just because Foxy found a leftover reject outfit from the Ill Na Na
video does not mean she should have squeezed herself into it...

She actually wore this to a performance at BB King's this past Sunday.

I'm assuming she thought matching the panties with the nails would bring it all together in some way? SMH!

Foxy stated while on stage screaming, "You can't keep a good woman down, We make Bail", which is in regard to a protective order she violated recently when she flashed her a$$ at her neighbor.

I'm thinking she may just have been trying on outfits from when she was hot and none of them fit. If we had a rear view of this we'd probably see cheek too.

OK, I am really trying not to go in on her but how bologna and cheese sandwiches did she scarf down while she was locked up?

And what's really good with them lop sided eye lashes?
Looks like she pissed off another make-up artist and had to let grandma at the do what it do!

OK, OK, I'll the say something nice...her skin looks great, as always.

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