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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maternity Mob Squad

Maternity Mob Squad

I watched the majority of this clip with my mouth WIDE OPEN...
A pregnant chick and her friends jump a third chick and the drama ensues from there...I can't!

OK, am I tripping or is all this over who said what about somebodies weave? From the looks of it they are all rocking 99 cents bargain basement hair, so what is really the damn difference.

Are these dudes really trying to hit on these dusty broads during the fight? "Hey there Blue, you need a new daddy?"

Did that dude really step in and bust her in her face 2 times and make her bleed while other guys (notice I have not used the word men) just watched and egged him on.

Ok all together now...Oh, Hell to the Naw!

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