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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Call the Amba-lamps!

Now see, his drunk ass deserves just what got for this one.
The white dude was trying to squash it and walked off.

But noooooo, Bro just had to keep talking and got popped.
Hence the phrase, "Punks jump up to get beat down".

I just hope the older dude didn't get arrested and that this 'ignant'
fool sobers up and realizes he needs to take his lumps and keep stepping.

Yeah I said 'ignant', if he can say 'amaba-lamps' I can say 'ignant', OK!

He got nerve talking about he's gonna come back and kill him when he started it. Maybe he downed an Incredible Hulk or some Cold Duck before he hopped on the bus and that had him thinking he could kick Santa's ass.

Who knew Old Saint Nick knew how to lay the smack down???

Nothing but a Beat Down!!!!

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