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Friday, March 26, 2010

V.V. Va Voom

OK, so there is this great British artist out right now named VV Brown and I am so thankful for iPods. If it wasn't for them I would have already popped the tape or scratched the CD with all the rotation it's getting over here. I haven't been able to play an album from beginning to end in ages and it feels soooooo good. I'm in Musical Heaven

VV is super fashion forward and has her hands in quite a few things.

Besides being on her US tour right now she has launched an online vintage clothing store called VV Vintage.

Her album Traveling Like the Light, was released in the US on February 9th of this year, but the Brits had have the pleasure of her tunes since July of 2009. No fair!

So here are my top 2 picks from the album (you have no idea how hard that was).

Game Over

I think the video put this song over the top for me...

Back In Time

And here she is at home singing and playing one of her many mini keyboards (she collects them).
She sounds amazing...

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