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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Red, the Black, and the Green!

For some reason Afrika Bambaataa has been on my mind for about a week.

Every since they popped into my head I have been being reminded of them about 3 times.
Twice while at a tribute to Women in Hip Hop at Alvin Ailey and once someone was bumping Planet Rock in their car.

I figured it was a sign they should be this weeks Way Back Wednesday focus...

I was originally going to go the Planet Rock route but the video to Looking for the Perfect Beat is way more entertaining to me so here you go...

Please peep the solo dance break at 1:17...

I know the 80's fashion is coming back but I'm really hoping dudes don't try to bring this back!

The too tight to fight jeans are one thing but if they start sewing fringe down the sides I'm moving to a dessert island!

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