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Monday, March 15, 2010

Hop Along Cassidy...

Ok so I have a funny story for you...

A few years back a friend of mine from Cali came to visit. I cannot remember if this happened before or after he came back from a tour in Iraq but that wont take away from the story...

Anyway, my boy (we'll call him Otis) and I were hanging out in my bedroom drinking, watching TV and chatting it up. At some point he went downstairs to chat with my Mom and see how she was doing.

Now let me preface all this story by making it clear that I NEVER dated this dude EVER...not a hug, not a kiss, NADA.

Anyway, after being downstairs for a while he came back up and by this time I was on the sofa with my back turned away from the door and he was standing near the foot of my bed. After a short while he asked me if he can show me something.

I was taken a little by surprise but I didn't think much of if, 'maybe it's something he brought from the Iraq', I thought to myself. So I respond "sure" and continue watching TV.

After about 10 minutes I felt a little vibration and turned towards my door.

BAM...I'm greeted by a 6' 2" naked man hopping across the room towards me. His hands and feet are bound together with electrical tape and he has taped his mouth shut.

Now of course I am in total shock. I throw my hand up over my eyes and say "Oh my goodness, what are you doing? My Mom is downstairs" (which in hindsight was not the wrong thing to say).

Anyway, he proceeded to hop a little closer (remember he is naked so his peen is just a bouncing) and I am still cowering into the cushions of my sofa.

He mumbles something behind his taped mouth and turned around and proceeded to hop back out of my bedroom.

When he came back, at first he tried to act as if nothing really happened. I guess he thought 'oh well, she's not interested so we can just finish watching the Golden Girls'...Um Hell to the naw buddy boy.

I had to ask..."what the hell was that about?" He said something to effect of he saw it as him letting me know that he was mine if I'd have him.

I'm not sure how the convo ended (besides me making it clear that I was not interested) but he left shortly after all that popped off.

Why you ask did this story pop into my head today?
Because I got a call from 'Otis' today, he just got back from his 2nd or 3rd tour tour in Iraq and decided to give me a ring...

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