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Monday, August 2, 2010

Laurence Fishburne Didn't Do His Job...

If Chris Rock's statement "a father's only job is to keep his daughter off the pole" is true, Laurence Fishburne must have really been slipping.

His daughter 19 year old daughter, Montana Fishburne a.ka. Chippy D, has opted to get her twat, I mean foot, in the celebrity door by starring in porn.

I blame Kim K. for this B.S.

I ignored Mr. Pumper talking a mile a minute in the beginning but you can skip to roughly the minute 3:00 mark to hear Montana's take.

From the looks of her head, I'm going to assume she just finish filming her scene or fluffing or something. They knew that girl looked nuts about the head and NOBODY could hand her a brush? Just wrong

Did Chippy really just say, "I have a lot of at home experience"? Well alrighty then. She's only 19 so how much home experience are we talking here Senorita Hot Pants?

Didn't Laurence Fishburne disown his Momma back in the day? That isn't a good sign so Chippy might want to start stacking those chippys for the future.

P.S.: I really hate that she reminds me of KiKi Palmer.

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