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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - The Resurgence of Scrubs...

Being that there seems to be a resurgence of SCRUBS I figured I'd make TLC's No Scrubs the Way Back Wednesday song this week.

Ladies, please stay away from them, the more attention we give them, the more they think it's acceptable to step to us with their bitchassness. We're only making it harder on ourselves by paying them mind. Please, please, please, stay away and save yourself some drama!

R.I.P. Left Eye

I got into a conversation about men, women and relationships in general with an older Panamanian man a while back and he made a good point to me.

men are just always going to try to get over. They will feed you lies to get what they want and that is why God made women the smarter sex; so that we could be wise enough to see through the BS and be selective. But somewhere along the line, (I think partially with the women liberation movement) everything got messed up and both sexes got on the same trifling page. It became more about getting over on the other person and less about respecting each other or actually even liking each other or enjoying the time you spend with that person.

All I know is, something is going to have to give or it's only going to get worse...can you imagine that?

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  1. Real. Fucking. Talk...couldn't have said it better myself!