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Thursday, July 16, 2009

"You come in my house, you eat my food the way I f*%king make it! You understand me? Tip your waitress."

My fellow True Blood fans will get that one...

Like my girls & I, millions of people out there are serious True Blood fans, but we are real serious. Each week we talk about every detail over email and TRUST, with about 10 of us on "the cables" 5 days a week, we don’t miss a beat.

Right before the new season started, we through a True Blood themed party. We watched highlights from the first season on DVD and of course some of use dressed pretty vampy. To save their identities I won’t post pics of all that.
I’ll only implicate myself… Tre Dominatrix-y Huh?

My girl Mims rocked the t-shirt Sookie ended putting on in Fangtasia after she was attacked by the ‘bull man’.

Life really does begin at night at my house!

Utterly adorable! Please peep the Blow Pop.

I decorated the table with some Tre Cutacious, vampire inspired items, and we tried to keep the food as close to red in color as possible.

I made some super spicy wings, and some chopped BBQ chicken,

and our resident baker, Kimmy made some banging Red Velvet Cup Cakes.

She always comes through with the banging baked goods!

I found out the hard way that black table clothes are hard to come by so I just used black shower curtain liners…

For the drinks we had Red Wine Sangria, Watermelon Martinis and a bunch of other stuff that wasn’t red, but when it comes to the drinks, we’re not really that picky.

To make sure we had something a little healthy in the building I made fruit salad and served it in one of the Peacocks I carved out of a watermelon. The one on the left is the Watermelon Martini.

  • To make the decorations on the table I got an over sized champagne glass from a crafts store. That was about $12.
  • You’ll need some syringes as well. Get different sizes so they can sit @ different heights in your vase or whatever setting you decide to arrange them in or on. Those, you can get at a cooking store but if you’re really nice to a nurse the next time you happen to be visiting someone in the hospital you can get the real ones…Thanks anonymous nurse who’s a total Sweet Pea.
  • I had some glass stones I usually use to decorate a table setting or use under a candle and I threw those on there to look like ice but you just use the real thing.
  • I happened to have an old glass container with a gothic looking design etched on the front so I filled that with the remaining blood for an extra old feel.

    For your fake blood you'll need

    Corn Syrup
    Red Food Coloring
    Green Food Coloring (optional)

    Get your self a nice size clear bowl and pour about 8 oz. of the corn syrup into it (more depending on how much you want to make). You want your bowl to be clear so you can see the color of the liquid clearly before you put it into the syringes. Add in about 4 oz. of water and stir until completely blended. Add in roughly 5-8 drops of the red food coloring until you get the desired color. Then add a small amount of milk (about a tablespoon at a time) until it’s no longer clear and looks more like real blood. You know, kind of opaque and more burgundy than red. Stir liquid and adjust to desired color. This is when you can add 1 or 2 drops of the green to get that more authentic darker red.

    You really don’t need to worry about the consistency when using the "blood" in the needles. If you were using it, to so say pour on top a Jell-O mold brain or something you’d need to add more corn syrup to make it thicker. You can save that tip for your next Halloween party for the kiddies.

Of course after that, just fill your syringes from the bowl and arrange then how ever you like. I put a small computer light into the bottom of the vase so the color of the blood would really stand out and put it on a red tray with some dirt and a few little other vampy things I happened to have around my house.

Of course RED ROSES are a must and little tomb stone to top it all off and VIOLA,
your True Blood table is set.

Though the Watermelon Peacocks aren’t really vampire-ish, I found a video on how to make them for you guys. I just played around until came up with something I liked so be creative but be sure whatever you draw on your watemelon with is non toxic.
I used the point of a skewer to lightly outline my bird before cutting into it.
To make the "tail" of the peacock I put, whole or sclied fruit onto skewers and
placed a 3 or more of them onto the back of each finished bird bowl.

I also used a longer, more oval watermelon than in this video and was able to carve the remaining side into another bird and made 2 serving bird/bowls from one watermelon.

For some reason she does not show you how to draw the design onto the
watermelon in this video but I know you're all smart cookies...
Think pumpkins at Halloween. Get creative and send me flicks of what you come up with.

The next time we have a True Blood shindig I want
Lafayette to come through and do his dance now that he's all healed...

Bang it Baby!

Bwah! Sunday can’t come fast enough!

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