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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Only in the Hood...

I know tons of people have tried to profit off Michael Jackson's death in one
way or another, but is there anyone out there who can explain this one to me?

I saw this Michael Jackson T-Shirt for sale for $1.99 in the
"Bargain Hunters" in my neighborhood.

Fedora Hat...
2 Random Curls Dangling from the Hat...weird but
4 Fingered Glove...alrighty

Dark Mirrored Shades...

2 Hand Brooms... Scratching head Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm assuming this is what happens when you call your manufacturer in
Indonesiato place a rush order and the language barrier gets in the way.

Maybe "loafers" and "broom" sound similar in Indonesian???
What's your theory?
And yeah, I peeped that halo over the "O" in ICON and I'm not even gonna touch on that!

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