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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Lunch Fairy Strikes...

I busted out my angel wings, my wand and granted
a lunch wish today to wonderfully helpful guys over at the
First Brooklyn Supply Hardware Store @
1155 Fulton St. @ Franklin Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11238

The other night at around 4 am, I stumbled to the bathroom for a potty break. After my tinkle, I turned on the water only to find, what appeared to be no water pressure…now remember it’s like 4 am so it took me a second to realize that I still heard water running…so I pull back the shower curtain real fast, nothing…I look over at my toilet, nothing…I look under my sink…BAM!!! Water, water every where…

I franticly turn off the water from the knob under the sink but in the seconds it took for all of this to happen the water has gone all the way down stairs to my living room. Luckily I had just moved my sofa 2 days earlier…
Thank you heavens!

Anyway, early the next morning, like I always do in this type of crisis, I take some pictures of the problem and skipped on down to First Brooklyn Supply Hardware Store.

They are always very helpful, and sell me the items I need and give me play by play on what I need to do…I pop on back home only to find out that what they gave me doesn’t work…so I go back…get new items and come back home…they still don’t work so I go back a 3rd time…this go round the owner tells me, “I’ll just send my guy back with you to look at the issue”. WHAT??? You know I was like, “For free? Cause if I could afford a plumber I wouldn’t be here”. He’s like “No no no, no fee just don’t keep him in there all day”…

Well, that’s all I needed to hear…we walk back up the block and get to fixing…so we think…He then has to go back to the hardware store to get a pipe cutter and then back again to get a pipe file…This dude is determined to get me some water! About and hour later, my bathroom sink is back up and running and he’s on his way back to the store… Whoo Hoo! I guess chivalry isn’t dead.

So today, to say thank you to Ocie and the other guys of First Brooklyn Supply, I made them a tray of Baked Ziti, some Garlic Bread & bought 2 bottles of soda, took it all down to the shop and set it up for them.

Enjoy Boys!

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  1. ok, when's the next dinner party? i live right next to the C train...please ;)