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Friday, August 7, 2009

Face Fighting

The August issue of Essence Magazine addresses the so called HATE that black women spew at each other.

This is something that almost every black woman had experienced at some point or another and it is something I personally refer to as "face fighting".

I define FACE FIGHTING as when a woman you have never met in your life gives you the up and down look of death for no absolutely no apparent reason. (I've been accused of this, right Char?)

I usually try to combat this with a big ole bright smile, but I do get sucked in from time to time and throw back a eye dagger or 2 myself. Usually I find that when you combat their ice grill with a smile they are caught so off guard they either give you a weird half smile back or can't even look you in your face. I have even gone as far as to give one of these face fighters a compliment. That really throws 'em for a loop. Then they get to stuttering and stammering all over their words, "oh um, yeah, um , thanks". I figure that way they are forced to think about why they were grilling you in the first.

Truthfully though, I think really boils down to the fact that many black women have self esteem issues for a host of reasons. Many times their worth is directly related to how they feel they look, or how they feel they are being perceived by others. So when someone they feel looks better than them or that they see as some sort of threat, comes on the scene, they go into defense mode...Just my take.

In the immortal words of Kris Kross,
"When you diss me, it you just let me know I'm on your mind".

Remember Ladies...

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