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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brooklyn, We Go Hard!

Especially if someone skips our Nana in the line at the hospital at 1 am.

Peep this video of 2 families fighting in Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn late at night...

Ole girl getting a few licks in early witht he cane had me cracking but dude in the black and white striped shirt needs a beat down for sucker punching chicks and then backing up.

Gracias Heffenator 'Preciate it!

And just so you don't think it's only us Brooklynites who get buck, here's a video of some Koreans wilding out during a meeting of the Parliament.

Granted they are probably fighting over something that effects the lives of millions of people, but ignorant is ignorant.

And is it just me or do they look like a bunch of toddlers fighting? All that screaming and flailing of the arms and barley a punch landed. Just wearing themselves out!

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