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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Way Back Wednesday-THE BOYS

This week I chose a song that was seriously close to my heart when I was about 13, DIAL MY HEART by The Boys!

The Boys was a "Boy Band" made up of 4 brothers. The Abdulsamad brothers started performing in California to raise money for a fathers day gift and soon took off from there. During there roughly 9 year span, they had three #1 songs, Lucky Charm, Crazy and Dial My Heart.

I was 100% convinced that Hakim was going to be my first ex-husband. I carefully removed every poster of The BOYS I could find in Word Up! or any other magazine I could get my hands on. They were all over my walls and ceiling. (Along with Big Daddy Kane and LL Cool J, my 2nd and 3rd ex-husbands.)

I know it's been a while since I watched this video, but I DO NOT remember all the pumping and humping, which just goes to show you just how innocent I was. All I could think about was how cute Hakim was and planning our life together.

Anyway, enjoy the flashback and be ready to burst out into laughter a few time but for sure at the 1:56 mark, when lil' Tajh busts out in a serious stripper move!

Did anyone else get the warm and fuzzies watching this???

Wondering where The Boys are now?

Late in the 90's they moved Gambia, West Africa, learned the native language, set up a recording studio and began performing as the group The Suns Of Light. The group still creates positive and uplifting music which you can hear over at :

Here's a il bonus slow jam for ya...Happy by The Boyz staring Larenz Tate and 'Zeus' Lister Jr. (aka Debo).

Oh Snap...Peep Hakim...LOVE IT!!!

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