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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tangy Tuesday...Vogue Evolution!

Now this about as TANGY as it can get but I must say, I like them.

Here's a lil taste of Vogue Evolution from this season of America's Best Dance Crew.

An ex of mine actually got me watching America's Best Dance Crew about 2 seasons ago. At first I was a little concerned to see my man watching the show with such intensity but after a while I got sucked in too. I didn't watch last season but once I heard about these lovely ladies strutting their stuff on the cat walk I knew I was going to be tuning in.

Vogue Evolution is an all gay dance troop taking center stage and bringing a new style of dance to light. The five member group was formed in early 2008 and has been performing in the underground vogue and house/ball culture ever since. The Historic House-Ball Culture in NYC has been around since the Harlem Renaissance...who knew???

Well it looks like Vogue Evolution may bring their style of dance to main stream...I'm sure I'll see a duck walk and one leg drop in the club before the summer is up...OK off to practice I go....

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