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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who's Gonna Run This Town Tonight?

So we all know Jay-Z's new song, Run This Town featuring Rihanna & Kanye West (ICK!) is the hotness out right now.

Well my boy DJ Jeff Haze
had a link to the full video on his page so I snagged it for ya...

By the way, he'll be spinning at The Lox Lounge in Brooklyn tonight
(and every Thursday) located @
15 Putnam Ave @ the corner of Grand & Fulton. Tel: 718.930.1316.


Now I'm feeling the song and video just as much as the next person...I peeped the Tre Cutacious Warriors references here and there, but for real, I'm in a state of total shock by Rihanna's fashion. Yet again the woman has brought us straight FIRE.

If you are a P.E.T.A. supporter stop reading NOW.

Now ladies, I know it's not always realistic to rock a hat with a black veil or fur accents when it's 80 degrees outside (I've done both though...WHAT?... Say something!) but just in case you are feeling gutsy, I've got a great idea for you.

Roll on over to New York's Fashion District (around 38th street & 7th avenue) and buy a fox pelt. I got mine about 3 years back for about $40 bucks. Not every fabric store around there has then but just roll on in and ask if they sell "whole animal pelts". My tag read, "Rio Negro Foxskin".

Looks like road kill, huh?

I prefer getting the whole ones because they are cheaper and you can cut them to your liking and can use any scraps for other projects, like a fur cuff or to accent a pair of boring shoes. Be ready to see a tooth or a paw or something so woman up and just trim that stuff off.

Guess you can tell I'm no P.E.T.A. person...they throw some paint on me and I'm skinning them and rocking them next season!

Anyway, you can either pin the fur to one shoulder or sleeve of a cropped jacket or vest or wrap it around your shoulders for a "stole effect'.

For this look you'd need about 3 pelts

but you could pull off the look from the video with just one.

Now get out there and Run This Town Tonight!

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