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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Way Wednesday - Jon B. - They Don't Know

Remember the soulful white boy from the late 90's, Jon B?

Well he's trying to make a come back. He was out at Summer stage this year with Jazmine Sullivan and Deborah Cox and all them and I came across a pic of him and wife and figured I'd share...

Every wonder what his wife looks like...a sister! Aww yeah!

Here's a lil blast from the past with, Jon B's They Don't Know.

I couldn't get the code for the actual video but here is the link to it over @


  1. Omg thats his wife!! i always knew he liked the sisters

  2. That's the kind of man I want! From the interviews I've seen he's nice, funny, smart...and the boy can sing and has style! That's my kind of man right there ;)!