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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chris Brown on Larry King...We're All Glad It's Over!

I'm not really sure why Chris Brown went on CNN's, Larry King tonight when he refused to talk about almost everything and claimed he doesn't remember hitting Rihanna at all. Chris did even look at the picture of the bruised Rihanna when it was put up in the screen and claims that they have not been in contact since the original order was handed down. He also says that he loves her and smiled and giggled when asked if he could see himself with Rihanna for the long term.

Chris also denied that there were 2 previous reports filed involving the two of them but according to Larry King they are on record.

Honestly I only watched the whole show because I was so shocked by how stupid he sounds. Sorry!

He appeared on the show with his Mother, Joyce Hawkins and his attorney, Mark Geragos donning a bow tie and trying his damnedest to look innocent; But just ended up looking like a Muslim Monchhichi in my opinion and a modern day Bojangles in my girl Khali-flower's.

Khali-flower and I were killing it on the texts, laughing our a$$es off about how they might as well have left him at home with his GED books cause he didn't help his image one bit. She thinks his publicist should be fired, and I might have to agree with that one considering they didn't think to give him a quick speech lesson and tell him to try not to look bored.

Aww, here comes a sad face...BOO BYTCH!

If he said "it's like, wow" and "it's crazy to me" one more time, my head was going to explode. I guess his lawyer gave him the "I'll do anything the courts asks of me" line because he used that one about 8 times too.

He and his Mom were killing me with the mispronunciation and misuse of words..."reinnerate" and "immaturness"...Lordy, I can't!

They played a portion of his first public apology, with which he said he "got help with the wording"...Hmmm OK brother...A tutor is sounding better and better!

Here's the full length apology...

Can anyone tell me what the hell this Gordon Gartrell
looking waiters shirt he's rocking in this video is about, please???

After Larry King went off, Anderson Cooper had Nicole Brown Simpson's sister (O.J'.'s ex-wife, R.I.P). on his show, AC360, talking to people who had questions or comments...WTH???
I won't even go there!

My boy Heffe pointed out that Chris is young and young people make mistakes and while this is very true, when you are in the public eye you are held to a higher standard and to do something like thisat all; but on the night before the Grammy's no less, as if wouldn't be front page news, is just insane!

Then he claims there was no alcohol involved...Boy stop telling tales! He even had to pause before he spit that lie out...there was probably more than that involved...Shoot, he might of had a bad trip and though she was a purple dragon he had to slay...who knows!?

Oh yeah, I heard him on there explaining to Larry who the haters where, "all the bloggers out there". Well shoot if I'm hating for disliking him for doing what he's accused of doing, I'm good with that!

Can't you just see the birds circling in his head...Tweet Tweet!

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