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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - Treat 'em Like They Wanna Be Treated

I remember watching this video on Video Music Box back in the day.

I can't get over just how low budget it looks to me now.

I heard that Mary J. Blige used to be one of his back-up dancers.
Anyone know if there was any truth to that rumor?

I personally can't believe it. I mean I love Mary J. just as much as the next person but the sister can barley walk, much less dance. She walks hard as hell and stays looking like she's on her way to jump a broad that slept with Kendu in the back of her Maybach.

OK for real, can anyone explain this commercial to me? Are people so foolish that all they need, is to see an artist they like and they will buy what they are hocking??? I'm confused!

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  1. Father MC Got that Ninja........That Bug......That Gay Cancer.....Look it up