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Friday, September 4, 2009

Help Me Out!

I snapped this shot at the Michael Jackson Birthday celebration in Prospect Park on Aug. 29th.

I just really need to know if anyone can explain this mess to me?

I went Downtown Brooklyn today and I saw so many chicks
walking around like this I just had to pose the question.

My girl would call this unfortunate but I just want to know,
why the hell she didn't you put on a hat?

In the immortal words of Phife of A Tribe Called Quest, in their song Butter...

If you cant achieve it, then why not try and weave it
If you cant extend it then you might as well suspend it
If you cant braid it, best thing to do is fade it
I asked who did your hair and you tell me Diane made it
If you were you and just you, talk to you, maybe
But I cant stand, no bionic lady
Tryin' hard to look fly, but yo, you're lookin' dumber

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