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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Code 10, Man Down Situation!

This is just tragic! Remember Maia Campbell from the 90's sitcom In the House?

Many of us heard about the loss of her mother, author, Bebe Campbell Moore back in, 2006 and that she is bipolar and on drugs...well it is time for a serious intervention on Mama!
LL, Tyrese and Debbie Allen need to hop in a van and go scoop this broad up real quick.


I can't even fathom how anyone could think this is funny...She very obviously need help, ASAP!
She said so many off the wall things it's just sad...
"L, M, M O, Pation?"
"You will never have a dental plan, f*cking with me like that..."
"Standardized testing"
"Cash Me Out!"
"Back Up Like Michael Jackson!"
"Do you know how many embryos I will blow out you mother f*cking solity?"
"Anti horny a$$"
"A faggot a$$ tree with a faggot ass star on top"
"Back up off me before I get Brad Pitt to smack you in your mother f*cking grill."
And busting down them chips like it was her first meal in weeks...come on! Then going on off about her Mom and daughter come abut a cry for help...Pray for the sister for real!

Where is her ex-husband? I pray that they have at
least tried and that she will come back from this.
They were dead a$$ wrong for messing with her like this and
then one of the guys from the video comes back with this mess. Acting as if he doesn't even know her like that and just picked her up at a store.

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  1. Maia Campbell b4 this she had a amateur porn out but she was really high off Crack....if you like i can send...