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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tangy Tuesday...Who Wears Shorts Shorts?? HE Does!

A few months back, while eating lunch and
waiting for a friend I saw this dude roaming around
looking a little saucy (see duchess definition below) and all crazy.
Duchess Definition
Saucy: Someone who is drunk or who has obviously been drinking.

I wasn't able to get a clear enough shot so I put the picture eon the back burner.
You can't really tell but he has on a super tight shirt with his
lower belly all exposed, a bouquet of fake flowers, some serious low rise
pants, a purse covered in more flowers as well as the floral headdress.

Well the other day while chatting with my girl SoyJoy she starts telling me about a man she saw in front of the hospital. As she is describing him I'm thinking, "this man sounds strangely familiar". Well since my girls rock the bells something fierce, she whipped out her camera to show me the picture she got of him and sure enough, it was the same crazy Asian man.

I just hope he was there to pick up his Pant on Pills cause I don't want to see this mess and judging from the serious case of "side eye" dude on the right is dishing, neither does he.

Thanks again SoyJoy!

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