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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why Do They Sell This Crap?

So a few months back I went to visit a friend in the hospital in DC.

(She's doing great now, in case you were wondering. Hey Geisha Girl!)

Anyway, I was wandering around the hospital in search of an ATM machine and I came across a line of vending machines.

This being one of them!

How the hell could a hospital sell this B.S.? A Philly Cheese Steak and a Wings? And that thing on the sesame bun isn't even a burger, it's a Fish & Cheese sandwich...WTF??? Really!!!

I actually looked through all the machines to see what semi healthy snacks they had and all I could fine was salted peanuts...not a Granola Bars in site...

And don't even get me started on the food they serve in these hospitals.
That alone tells me the medical field DOES NOT have any true concern for our health.

A different friend of mine was in the hospital last week (she's preggers but doing great...Hey Soy Joy & Mr. Cheeks). When I got there she was eating her 'dinner'. It consisted of, a veggie burger on a white bread bun, white rice and broccoli so over cooked it looked more like a green lumpy oatmeal.

Now don't get it twisted, I only consider myself to be a semi health nut but I do know 'the whiter the bread the sooner your dead' and I know these hospitals know that nutrition is just as, if not more important that these medications they are pumping into us at an alarming rate.

I watched Bill Maher the other night and he had Elliot Spitzer on as a guest and he said he was on the board for a hospital and when he came in they told him there was a 98% occupancy rate, and his response was 'that's horrible, what do we do?" and there response was "that's great". These hospitals, drug companies, and many food companies are making millions making and keeping us sick.

An one thing I can't seem to get out of my mind is that my friend that is pregnant is a vegetarian. She wasn't always...I think she crossed over a little more than a year ago.

While visiting with her she told me that many years ago a doctor told her she would likely never have children. Her husband and her have been together for about 8 years, no pregnancy. She's goes vegetarian and BAM she's preggers...coincidence...I think NOT.

People, we have to take our health into our own hands. There is just too much money to be made insuring that we are dependent on their drugs to think that we can put our health into anyone else's hands blindly.

Remember the origin of the word is a DIS-EASE of the system.
The idea is to correct it, not medicate it so you don't feel the effects.

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