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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Way Way Way Back Wednesday...Forgotten Men

Every once in a while I will get into a serious old school kick and last week I was in full Black & White Movie Mode and watched TCM (Turner Classic Movie channel) in excess.

One of the movies they played was Gold Diggers of 1933...Try and catch it (or it) if you're in a old movie mood.

I just love how straight to the point they were with the film titles back in the day.

It has some great themes running through it though and all the high drama and over the top fashion of most good classic films.

I wont tell you the full premise but a few scene really struck me. In one, the ladies (or girls as they were called throughout the movie) changed into chastity belts and the leading man was handed a old school can opener, spun her around and began ripping the back open so he could get a feel...Times were a changin'. That was probably seriously risqué for the 30's. And I guess they have fully changed now...

Forget women not wear pants because it was improper or unladylike now they can just wear panties and a tank to the club and still not have a dude offer to buy them a drink. Think about it ladies.

Anyway, this song really struck me..."Remember My Forgotten Man". I mean it can be interpreted different ways but but it came on at a time when I had not heard from a friend in the military in months. I was just about at the stage where you start going on line and looking for the names of the casualties and it reminded me again that we are at 'war'. Though the news never discusses it unless it is a feel good story or some solider fighting to come home to his sick infant...OK No Mini Militant Rants today...enjoy!

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