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Sunday, October 25, 2009

After Shocky's/Shecky's...

So Shecky's went down this past week and my girls and I went on the last day,
Friday the 23rd. We had a blast as usual.

I just want to give you gals a peek into a real Shekcy's goodies bag.

Be advised the photos of this bag is after I gave a way,
traded, used and ate some of the items in the bag.

The only thing I can say about this one is that it didn't have any liquor in it...Not even one little nip. When my girls and I first started going they had a full bottle of Little Black Dress Wine, then it went to a few nips of Finlandia Vodka in different flavors. Now, nada but it's all good cause they have started putting more full size products in the bag so I'm good with that.

Let me move the stuff around so you can get a better view.

Now you tell me...isn't this worth 30 bucks? And you get to drink all you wane for the night.

The next NY Shecky's Girls Night Out with be start on Thursday, December 17 and end on Saturday, December 19 and be held at Puck Building again. Can't wait.

I'm surprisingly proud of myself though. I only purchased one item. Can you believe it?

It wasn't because there weren't tons of cute stuff to buy but because I am
getting better at telling myself no...maturity rocks sometimes!

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