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Friday, October 9, 2009

Sky High....

Now I consider myself to be a true blue shoe fiend...
The Duchess of Shoes if you will, and I'm proud of it!

There was a day when I was ashamed of my addiction but as
I've gotten older I've learned that sometimes you just have to covet joy,
no matter where you may find it.

Now when I say I love shoes, I mean I love all shoes, sandals, boots, pumps,
even those funky little flats have there place in my heart, but of course
like most women who are a slightly height challenged, I love me some heels!

Besides the long lean lines they can create instantly, I love the way
I feel in them. Statuesque, maybe even a tad regal in the right pair.

But this new line of 10 inch heels from Alexander McQueen is just crazy to me.

Where the hell are you going in these horse hoof looking things???

Can you imagine what your feet looks like in these joints, much less what
your poor tootsies are going to feel like after wearing them for 10 minutes.

I actually like the embellishments on these, but it ends there.
I might have to do something like this on an pair of boots I'm bored with...hmmmm...

These 2 are the most decent to me but that is probably because they don't look
like they are 10 inches...If they were 4 inches I'd rock 'em, HARD!

I am convinced that these are designed by men who hate women or
are are mad that they can't rock heels so they are determined to torture us.

Just looking at these makes me think of ballet class and those torturous toe shoes. I didn't last in that class cause I knew that more than a month in there would ruin my tootsies for sandals for the rest of my life...not happening!
Now these are shoes...

I believe they are by a Korean designer named Johnathan Young (sorry lost some info when my system went out). Bro has some serious designs this season, but these are my favorite.
I hear they are only sold in Canada right now but I'm going to keep my eyes peeled.

I watched an episode of Dr. Oz recently and he stated that we should try not to wear heels over 2 1/2 inches but if we insist on wearing them higher, we should not wear them for more that 4 hours at a time. Also, according to the good doctor, a great exercise to do to help keep your lil' puppies healthy is to pick up things off the floor with your feet.
I guess I'm good cause I'm always doing that.

Also ladies, if your a serious heels girl, you might want to invest in a pair of these.

After a long day in heels I pop mine on for about a half an hour (I've fallen asleep in them).
They are supposed to realign your feet and stretch your toes.

Don't be sucked in by the Yoga Toes Brand, they are super pricey (about $30) and are made of a much harder plastic, where as these are between $6-10 bucks and are playable. They are made by the same people who make the Ped Egg and can be found in some chain drugstores.

They make a great gift and are super practical...
OOOO stocking stuffers, or a Secret Santa gift.

Keep on Hot Stepping in Style (and comfort) Ladies!

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