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Friday, October 9, 2009

Cute, Lazy and Crazy...

During my trek to Washington Heights today,
I saw some cute, lazy and crazy things...

At first I thought it was jacked up that they had these kids chained
together like this, but on second thought whatever gets
these bunchkins to their destination safely is a great idea.

Doesn't shorty with the Mohawk look like wants slap me?

Here are two of "New York's Finest"...don't you feel safe?

When I first saw them they were both leaning over the bar, but when the male officer
realized I was trying to their picture he stood up and turned his head.

I actually stood there for a while pretending to be on the phone hoping he would get comfy again but no luck. Meanwhile, she was posted up the whole time just texting away not noticing anything.

Once I got my shot, as was walking away he yelled something at me about taking
his picture and my response was, go stop a crime or at least walk off that gut.

Shoot he better hope I can't blow up this pic and get his badge number, lazy ass!

Now this just made me giggle.

He came on the train just as hard as could be, but how thugged out are you really, when you are rocking your Nana's shirt?

He ended up getting off at my stop so I got a really good look,
it even has shoulder pads and the money bandanna...Ballin'!

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