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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moon Boots...

Anyone who really knows me knows that I LOVE a good bargain,
almost more than shoes...

So this right here, is a double whammy for me...

I got these boots for 20 bucks...

Now I can give my rain boots a break since we seem to be
taking it back to Noah's days with all this damn rain.

Anyway, I pieced them together with what I think may be the cheapest outfit in history...

  • Shirt- $6
  • Legging - $7
  • 3 rings - $5
  • Boots - $20
  • Belt - That came with 30 buck dress so I'll round that off to about 5 bucks.
  • Hair: By Carline of (A sister is BAD y'all)
  • Total Cost: $43...Now that's priceless

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