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Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's a Small World After All...

So the other day I was walking home. As I'm strolling along I saw bunch of antique doors.

That's not Eddie, that's one of the two Fred's that work there.

I just so happen to be in the market for a new door so I was very happy. I saw a door that was pretty much perfect for the doorway I needed it for but it was on hold for someone.
Damn, Damn Damn...Florida Evans style.

I talked to owner, a very nice retired fire chief named Eddie. He assured me that he would let me know if the person he was holding it for fell through and that he would look through his huge stash of antique doors for something else that would fit my threshold.

So I come home excited and decide to give him a call letting him know that I am willing to pay more than his asking price and go to bed.

Today I get up and go to breakfast with a friend and on our way back we are near Eddie's door shop so we stop by. He tells me that the man who wanted the door already put some money down on it so I start go through his huge stash.

While doing so, I see a statue that instantly looks familiar to me.
(Small World Instance # 1)

When I was young a friend of my mother, from Nigeria named Moses, would leave some of his art work in our front yard. I assumed as a form of advertisement. It must have worked because people always asked about them.

As a matter of fact on Labor Day this year a guy came and spoke to a friend of mine and mentioned how he "lived around here back when there were statues in the front yard".

From time to time Moses would change his pieces but this was the first one. She's older now and shows the wear and tear of the years but I remember it instantly. After this on he gave us an iron statue of two men playing the drums to display. That was my favorite. We still have a hand chair he made, but someone damaged it and it has a broken a finger or two.

I end up buying an adorable jewelry chest (which plays music) and a chair...each for FIVE DOLLARS!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

Since Eddie's place is pretty close to my house we decided to go pick up my mother and let her take a look around. When we get out of the car she bumps into one of her friends she hasn't seen in years (Small World Instance # 2). They speak and exchange numbers and she proceeds to look around. When she comes out one room to go into another and sees a man and his father. She asks one of them, "Where do I know you from?", and he responds that they worked at the same job many years ago. (Small World Instance # 2 1/2). They speak for a while and we come on home.

Once I get home I started to try to clean the chair. I quickly learned that that's not going to be an option and I'll just have to sand it...luckily I got a great hand sander from the Goodwill for 10 bucks.

As far as the jewelry chest, you can't really tell but it is missing a door. I removed the piece that remained were it broke and put the screws back in because they were closer to the color of the wood than the wholes that were left behind. I cleaned the whole thing and replaced some of the fabric in some of the draws.

I already put some of my jewelry in the chest.

One of the draws wouldn't close all the way so I took the back off in an attempt to figure out why and found a broach, a 60's style plastic ring and some other random items including the name and address of the woman who owned it. I just so happened to be on the phone with my aunt (same green thumb aunt) and it turns out the woman lives IN her building and she knows her (Small World Instance # 3).

Crazy right...I am going to tape the sticker I found to the bottom as a little reminder...

Today Was A Good Day!

Moral of the story...Thrift shopping is the Bees Knees and ALWAYS be nice to people, you never know who they may know.

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