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Saturday, October 10, 2009

What the Heezy?

So I went to hang out with my aunt the other day. Hey Auntie GinGin...

She's 79 years old and sharp as a whip and stays on the go. It's really
cute and great to see that she is still so active but hard to watch because
she wont let you help her do anything. You have to pry stuff
from her grip to help her in any way.

Ever since I was a kid she has had a green thumb. I remember that
she had this huge shelf with 3 tiers and each one had like 5 different
plants, African violets, poinsettias, even some herbs and an
array of other plants names I don't know.

Since she has gotten older she has curbed her plant
upkeep but she still has plenty.

Anyway, as I was getting ready to leave, I noticed that one
of her *cacti has this huge pod looking thing hanging from it...

A little freaky looking right...Now think of it being about 7 inches long.

Little Shop Of Horror came to mind!

I ask her about it and she told me that the pod was the flower
before it opens and that there are flowers on the other side.

So creep over and I see this.

Pretty! There was a cluster of flowers hanging down but you could barley
see them. They have all these hairs all over them and were really soft but
goodness gracious were they funky smelling...I washed my hands immediately
after touching them.

I got a little closer for a better look...

That's when I realized there were really 3 flowers clustered together.

Nope, it was really 4, there was a huge flower on the under side.
I measured it and it was about 14 inches across from point to point.

She joked that I better lay down under it because it
might drop some seeds on me and get me pregnant.

She gave me a piece of her plant so once I've planted it I'll send you her (the plant) progress.
I'll need a name for her so send me your ideas. Thanks

*After some research I found out that it this not actually a cactus at all, its Stapelia Gigantea.

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