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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have We Really Come to This...

I know I am a little late on this but I was really trying to ignore this comeback...

But since these mugs got together with K-Ci and the rest of the Crack Crew and made a video it's fair game...

H-Town and Jodeci (no that was not a typo) have collaborated and have released a song called "Knocking Your Heels Off".

Remember "Knocking the Boots", well this is the '09 version.

Here, this will jog your memory...Can't front this was my jam.

Wait, did he really say "2 boots coming together, making tasteful lust". No wonder my Mom banned this mess.

Anyway, I heard new the song a few weeks back but now that I have seen the video I really need to know if we have really come to this? I don't know anyone who was waiting for damn H-Town reunion tour OK... Some people really need to come to grips with the fact that they just need to stay BEHIND the curtain.

OK, there are just so many things wrong I can barely contain myself...

  • That first shot of DeVante is funny as all hell...why does he look like the smoked his teeth and replaced them with dirty beach pebbles? And the greasy ponytail...really? (So mad I used to love me some him)
  • I know I did not hear K-Ci sing "Shazam"?
  • What drunken, homeless broads did they pay in crack rocks and Huggies to appear in this video?
  • Did that chick with K-Ci wash properly after he got that close to her? If not, i see boils in her future.
  • Did he really say "kings of slow jams" at the end? Um yeah maybe in 93 buddy boy!
  • And finally why the hell didn't K-Ci do the whole video shirtless and on a dudes shoulders like normal? See that would have been entertaining?

I better not see any of you jamming to these washed up crackheads in the club!

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