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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tangy Tuesday...Watch Out for the Big Girl

I almost forgot...

In this video a transvestite maces a little boy for talking smack.

So, do you think he deserved it?

OK, maybe I would have maced the Momma for not shutting him up.
People really need to get a handle on their kids cause this BS is only going to get worse. You teach your children that is OK to talk to people crazy and curse them out and then they get maced and want to cry...he didn't care about her...his... shim's....he/she's feeling and she-he didn't give a damn about his eyes. Bwah!

Bet he'll shut his mouth the next go round. eating little pug pot...
Some of these lil' rugrats are out of control and need somebody to beat their a$$ but I guess if you're in a mini skirt and heels mace is a better bet.

And could that chick next the camera person have combed her hair any more?
Did the chick have OCD or something?

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